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Summary Greater Portland Aquarium Society ( monthly meeting)
Beginning DateTime 17th August 2017 Thursday   18:00 (GMT-06:00)
Finishing DateTime 17th August 2017 Thursday   20:00 (GMT-06:00)
Location Clackamas Oregon
Contact president@gpas.org
Description The GPAS is a Portland Oregon club of aquatic hobbyists dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment for members and guests, and advancing the aquarium hobby. Fish or Horticultural enthusiast, fresh water or salt, in the home or pond - all are the broad focus of the members that meet every month for talks, auctions, and general fellowship among like-minded people. Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome you to our monthly gathering.

GPAS Generally* meets at 7:00 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at:

Clackamas Community Center
15711 SE 90th Ave,
Clackamas OR 97015

Greater Portland Aquarium Society webpage
Categories North America,Local Club Meetings
Submitter Guests
Class Public
Recur Rules Everymonth 3rd Thursday
Jump to the 1st Event 16th February 2012 Thursday
Last Modified 8th May 2012 Tuesday
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