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20th Aug 2017(Sun)
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Michiana Aquarium Society USA - Monthly Meeting
The members of Michiana Aquarium Society a share a common interest--things aquatic--freshwater and marine aquarium fish, plants and other aquatic organisms, as well as ponds. Members are of all levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced breeder, and of all ages.

General Meetings
Meetings are held at the Roseland Town Hall, 200 Independence Drive, Roseland, Indiana on the third Sunday of most months. Each meeting provides either a speaker or program dealing with various aspects of the tropical fish hobby and is open to the general public without cost. Raffles, auctions of aquarium fish and supplies, and chit chat with fellow hobbyists are a few of the benefits of attending.
Roseland Town Hall
200 Independence Drive
South Bend, IN 46637


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