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17th Aug 2017(Thu)
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Minnesota Killie Keepers Association, USA - Monthly Meeting
The Minnesota Killie Keepers Association is a group of killifish enthusiasts bound together by a common interest in the hobby. We welcome membership by anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and understanding of these wonderful fish. Meet killie hobbyists, from new to advanced, and make new friends. MKKA meets monthly in members' homes generally on the third Thursday of each month.

Please Visit Minnesota Killie Keepers Association website for the details.

Bristol Tropical Fish Club, UK - Monthly meeting
The club meets generally on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8pm until 10pm (although members are often still chatting until 10.30 and beyond)

The venue is the British Aerospace Worker's Association (BAWA) Club on Southmead Road in Filton, Bristol (UK).

This building was chosen as it has several conference rooms with projection and video equipment, has a bar which we can use for refreshments throughout the evening and has ample off-road car parking.

For detials, visit:

Greater Portland Aquarium Society ( monthly meeting)
The GPAS is a Portland Oregon club of aquatic hobbyists dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment for members and guests, and advancing the aquarium hobby. Fish or Horticultural enthusiast, fresh water or salt, in the home or pond - all are the broad focus of the members that meet every month for talks, auctions, and general fellowship among like-minded people. Our meetings are open to the public and we welcome you to our monthly gathering.

GPAS Generally* meets at 7:00 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at:

Clackamas Community Center
15711 SE 90th Ave,
Clackamas OR 97015

Greater Portland Aquarium Society webpage

Missouri Aquarium Society, USA - Monthly Meeting
Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc.(MASI)-Meeting

MASI meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, at 7:30 PM at the Dorsett Village Baptist Church.There is no admission charge, and visitors are always welcome to attend.


Anyone interested in the keeping and breeding of Tropical and Marine fish or other Aquatic life is encouraged to become a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. (MASI). Our members range from the inexperienced beginner to the advanced aquarist, and new members are always welcome. More Membership information:


Our monthly meetings offer educational programs, films and lectures, question-and-answer sessions, fish show competitions, contests, door prizes, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and information with fellow hobbyist. MASI also holds two major competitive fish shows each year. The Super Bowl Show is held at the October meeting. The Annual Show and Workshop, held in the Spring each year, offers an entire weekend of hobby activities in which our members and members of other aquarium societies from throughout the country participate. MASI also sponsors two fish Auctions each year.

Please visit Missouri Aquarium Society for details.

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