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13th May 2017(Sat)
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Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society, USA - Monthly Meeting
The Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society is an organization formed with the intent of bringing together the aquarist community in NWA and the Ozark region as a whole.

Our members range from new hobbyists to long time breeders, and we keep a large variety of fishes.

We meet each month at 7pm on the second Saturday in the Community Room at the Rogers Police Station

For details, Visit: Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society

Pacific Coast Cichlid Association - Monthly Meeting, San Jose, CA USA
The PCCA meets every second Saturday of the month. Meetings are held a the Round Table Pizza located at 4400 Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose, California. (Need Directions? try yahoo Maps)meetings begin at 7:30pm and run until the auction is over (sometimes as late as 12am). Auction table viewing begins at 7:30 pm. There are usually hundreds of bags so bring a pen and paper to record the bag numbers you want to bid on. Bidding is open to non-members as well as members. The auction often contains hundreds of fish and lasts several hours. Fish auctioned are provided by attendees, donations from local fish dealers, and from the PCCA itself which brings in rarer species to introduce them to association members. At 7:30pm the meeting starts with a presentation by an expert in the hobby and usually lasts about one hour. The PCCA has hosted many of the worlds most renowned names in the hobby including; Ad Konings, Paul Loiselle, and many many more.

Scheduled Programs for 2009

April 11: Mrs. Pam Chin : "Malawi Travelogue"

May 9: Mr. Charles Clifford : "Breeding Domestic Angelfish"

June 13: Ms. Sabrina Fullhart : "Shrimp & Cichlids"

July 11: Mr. Dick Au : "TBA"

August 08: Mr. Anthony Tu : "Frontosa Fanatics Part II"

Sept 12: Dr. Ad Konings : "Malawi"

Oct 10: Mr. Mike Gale : "Peru Travelogue"

Nov 14: Mr. Jim Ellenberger : "Tropheus For Dummies"

Dec 12: Mr. Chuck Rambo : "Victorians"

For details, visit:

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