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11th May 2017(Thu)
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Tropical Fish Club of Burlington - Monthly meeting, VE USA
The Tropical Fish Club of Burlington holds monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month. The meetings take place at the VFW Hall on North Winooski Ave in Burlington, Vermont (tell them you're there for a TFCB meeting - free parking in the back).

The meetings start promptly at 7:00pm, and "on-time" door prizes (often fish food, equipment, medications etc. which have been generously donated by manufacturers) are awarded for those who are present when the meeting starts. The drawing is usually followed by the Officers' reports, announcements about upcoming events and a general discussion about fish-related topics. Then there is a short break, followed by a feature presentation (usually a guest speaker giving a slide show, sometimes a movie). At the end of the meeting, there is a club auction where live fish, plants and other aquarium related equipment are auctioned off.

for details, visit:

Motor City Aquarium Society - Monthly Meeting, Michigan, USA
Motor City Aquarium Society

"A non-profit organization formed to further the study of all aquatic life, exchange information, and encourage the display and propagation of aquatic life forms".


Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at:

St. Gertrude's Religious Education Center
28839 Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081
(Just North of Martin [11 1/2 Mile Rd.])

Enter from the back of the building, there is a sign above the door that reads "Religious Education"

Doors open at 7:30 PM, meeting begins at 8:00PM

For details,visit:

Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society - Monthly meeting, UT, USA
The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah is a non-profit club dedicated to fresh water fish. This club is for the study and enjoyment of these fish in Utah. Our activities include guest speakers about fishkeeping, fish auctions and socials. We have speakers on as many different fishes as possible. These speakers give presentations on collecting fish in the wild, keeping fish in the aquarium, and breeding freshwater aquarium fish. The club brings in speakers that are well known; and experts in their topic. The club is run by its members with three elected officials: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. If you like fish you will enjoy attending our meetings in Utah. Club members can also offer advice based on years of fish keeping experience.

Regular meetings are usually the second Thursday of every month.

Auctions are usually held on the second Saturday of March and October.

for details visit:

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