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Summary Boston Aquarium Society - Monthly Meeting
Beginning DateTime 16th January 2012 Monday   18:30 (GMT-06:00)     16th 19:30 (GMT-05:00)
Finishing DateTime 16th January 2012 Monday   21:00 (GMT-06:00)     16th 22:00 (GMT-05:00)
Location The New England Aquarium's Harborside Learning Lab
Description Founded in 1916, The Boston Aquarium Society is the longest, continuously running, and the 2nd oldest aquarium club in the world today.

The Society is dedicated to increasing both knowledge and interest in the hobby through the activities of its' members. Long term involvement is encouraged at every opportunity. For example, our annual plant and fish growth projects, the Breeders' Award Program, and placing aquaria in classrooms. As hobbyists we enjoy the fellowship afforded us through this type of organization.

Meetings are free and open to everyone. They are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at The New England Aquarium's Harborside Learning Lab on Central Wharf in Boston, MA.

The Harborside Learning Lab is located on the ground floor of the Boston Harbor Garage adjacent to the New England Aquarium. The entrance is at the corner of the garage that faces towards Boston Harbor and is on the south end (the end farther from the Aquarium).

Don't forget! If you park in the garage, bring your ticket and we will stamp it for a reduced rate. Directions to the NEAQ

Every month there is a Bowl Show.

The doors open at 7:30 pm. All meetings start at 8 pm with the speaker, followed by our monthly auction of fish and related products.

for details Visit:Boston Aquarium Society website
Categories North America,Local Club Meetings
Submitter Deepak
Class Public
Recur Rules Everymonth 3rd Monday
Jump to the 1st Event 27th October 2010 Wednesday
Last Modified 27th October 2010 Wednesday
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