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Aequidens pulcher [Blue acara]
Water Parameters: Minimum Maximum
Tempareture in Centigrade: 18.00   23.00  
Tempareture in Fahrenheit: 64.40   73.40  
Ph: 6.50   8.00  
Water Hardness (dGH): 4.00   25.00  
Popular Name: Blue acara  
Scientific Name: Aequidens pulcher  
Aquarium Home Care Ref: 101199  
Family Tree: Cichlid  
Place in Aquarium: Middle Level  
Maximum Size: 8.00 Inches  
Reproduction/Propagation: Spawning  
Item Category: Fish  
Feeding: All types of foods  
Recommended Tank Size:  
Place of Origin: Central America  
Sexual Identification: The male has slightly longer fins  
Aggressiveness: Peaceful towards it's own species and Semi-Aggressive towards other species  
Social Behaviour: Territorial. It is fairly peaceful accept when breeding  
Breeding/Propagation Info: Fish pair up and will spawn on rocks. Both parents will protect and care for the fry  
Common Disease: Cichlid diseases may be due to infections by bacteria; fungi; or parasites. One of the most common cichlid diseases is Hole-in-the-head disease. Also known as Hexamita; this results in appetite and weight loss; and small depressions are observed on the head.Another very common cichlid disease is Ich or Ichtyophthirius. With this white salt-like marks appear on the head first; and then spread over the whole body. Breathing is quick; the fish scratches a lot; and the eyes and fins; both; become cloudy  
Care: Needs a good sized aquarium with hardy plants and places for hiding  
Comment: Blue Acaras are fairly peaceful cichlids. They are territorial but don't show as much aggression as other cichlids. They are tough and easy to keep. They are a good choice for a first time cichlid owner  

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