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Author : Deepak
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Published Date: 2008/12/31 9:50:00
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Aquarium Setup & Maintenance

These simple points will keep the fishes in your aquarium healthy and active.

-- Buy the biggest possible aquarium size that you can afford (in terms of space and cost).
-- Research before doing anything to your aquarium, be it adding new fish, plant, accessories etc.
-- Give importance the health of your fish & the plants than the beauty of your aquarium. Natural environment will have it's distinct look and you would like to see your fish healthy.
-- Feed the right quantity of food to your fish and try to follow a time table. Use variety of food while feeding your fish. Some fish may not be eating one specific type of food.
-- If you are going out for 2-3 days then use an automatic feeder or feed some live food such as blood/Tubifex worm. They are cheap and can feed your fish for 2-3 days.
-- Regular water change (I recommend 5% water change every week) is necessary. Don't change more than 20% at one time.
-- Buy fish that is friendly with other tank mates. Make a plan before buying your choice of fish and increase your tank population gradually. Don't rush. Do some research before you buy any fish.
-- Consider maximum size of the fish that you want to buy, you will be reluctant to remove your fish after they grow bigger.
-- Keep an additional or quarantine tank handy for emergency or while introducing new fishes to your tank. A single infected fish can destroy your tank so be careful while adding new fish.
-- Explore all the stores in your locality before you select your store. Once you have selected try to stick to one store while buying fish and plants. Shopping from many stores may introduce different types of bacteria/infection/disease.


-- Don't over feed your fish, your fish should consume all food within 5 minutes. Extra food means extra waste and extra pollution (like Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite) so remove any unconsumed food after 5 minutes and reduce the food quantity next day.
-- Don’t overstock you tank. This is a common mistake for beginners.
-- Don't wash your filters in tap water (during water change), as chlorine present in tap water will kill the friendly bacteria responsible for biological filter. Always clean them in the aquarium water.
-- Never do 100% water change (except disaster situation where you don't have a choice)
-- Don't use only one powerful heater/air pump/filter in your aquarium (if it is quite big in size). Instead use two small size accessories so that if one breaks you have a back up for it. Otherwise you could lose everything.

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