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Author : Deepak
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Published Date: 2010/6/1 8:46:33
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Disease and Care

The most common water problems are cloudy water, foamy water or smelly water. All of these are caused due to availability of abandon amount of food for the bacteria to thrive on it. Under such condition the bacteria grows in high concentration resulting smelly, cloudy water. Sometime they create foams on the water surface.

Such environment can stress your aquatic pets and can cause disease or bacterial infection.

1. Clean the entire tank/pond once: Remember this is not a preferred option as this will kill the useful bacteria and you have to recycle the tank.

2. Continues partial water change: Change about 20% of water everyday till the water returns to clear condition. This is a simple process in which, you are basically removing some bacteria and some extra food, in absence of food, the bacteria will starve. Remember, changing more than 20% can stress your pets and unbalance your biological filter.

3. Reduce aquarium waste: Reduce amount of food so that less amount of food is actually available for your bacteria to feed. Remove any dead fish/pets/leaves/plants as and when you notice on your tank.

4. Adding Aquarium Salt: You can add 1 table spoon of aquarium salt for every 5 US gallons. Please note, some of the fish (like cory) and plants are sensitive to salt so consult expert before adding them to your tank.

5. Keeping some aquatic snail: While snails can be annoying, it really helps to control the aquarium waste. They will eat any uneaten food and will help to reduce the aquarium waste. Infect the number of snails can be an indication of water quality. If the number is increasing mean, you have a lot uneaten food on your tank. Apple snail is a good looking snail and you may look this as an option to control the food waste.

6. Adding cultured gravel to your tank: you can add some cultured gravel to your tank. The cultured gravel are nothing but the gravels with useful bacteria on it. You can ask your friend who has fully cycled aquarium. The useful bacteria will decompose the waste and clear the water in few days.

7. Adding commercial chemicals: You can use many commercial products available on the market, make sure you follow the instruction properly.

Once the water condition returns to normal condition, just maintain the water condition by partial water change (upto 10% per week).

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Good Luck

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